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Innovative Solutions for High-End (Digital) print finishing

General Manager Bernhard Ehret and his well-versed, experienced team (former EHRET Control) officially founded a new company called GEP Germany (Global Ehret Processing Technology) with 2 facilities, one to face the challenge of an increasing demand for complex solutions, especially in the high-volume roll fed Digital Printing and Offset Printing market. GEP Germany provides modular and customer orientated finishing solutions (in different web widths up to 60’’ wide and speeds up to 300 m/min).

Our product range includes:
  • Unwinder / Rewinder Solutions
  • Web Finishing Modules (i.e. Plow Folding, Slit & Merge, Die Cutting, Scoring, Embossing, Creasing)
  • Completely variable High-End Rotary Cross Cutters (with variable Format-/Cut-out Size)
  • Automated Stacking Solutions for Unfolded Products
  • Finishing Solutions for Pharmaceutical Printers (i.e. Leaflets/Pre-folded Products)
  • High-End Book Finishing Solutions for Digital Printing
Our equipment is characterized by:
  • Solid industrial design with a minimum 20 mm thick steel frame
  • Comfortable operability
  • Shortest setup times
  • High reliability of the production process
  • Both paper running directions R-L (Standard) and L-R (by request) available
GEP modules and finishing solutions will be offered, provided and serviced directly and will also be adapted to high-end digital printers, folding solutions as well as other finishing equipment accordingly.
Standard Web Widths:
560 mm / 22‘‘
770 mm / 30‘‘
1.080 mm / 42‘‘*
1.600 mm / 60‘‘*
* Book Finishing